Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ricoh wins bid for “reprographics services”. I did not know they were in the reprographics services business! Reprographers, were you aware of that?

Broward County Public Schools (Ft Lauderdale FL area) recently held a BID competition for “Printing Services for Legal Reproduction of Construction Related Projects and Correspondence”.

Here’s a link to the bid tabulation and recommendation for award:

While I was aware that Ricoh’s Business Solutions group offered Managed Print Services, I was not aware, at all, that Ricoh was pursuing bids for reprographics services. Perhaps this is an outcome of Ricoh merging IKON’s document solutions group into Ricoh’s Business Solutions Group? Will there come a time when all of the major copier/printer equipment manufacturers push into the reprographics services business? Canon and OCE? Konica-Minolta?

Do you remember when Xerox operated Xerox Reproduction Centers? Is that where Ricoh is headed with this?