Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Growing Southern California reprographics company looking to add experienced people to its team

A large, growing, multi-branch, reprographics company - with operations in Southern California - is looking for experienced people to join its team. 

Sales, Customer Service, Production and Operations...

For further information, contact Joel Salus, Publisher of the Reprographics 101 Blog, at joel.salus@mac.com

Monday, June 5, 2017

Casey (Hickman) Simpson has moved from ARC Document Solutions to ACONEX

To me, this is “major” news, considering Casey’s tenure in the reprographics industry and her most recent position with ARC.

Casey is one of my all-time-favorite people; she’s ultra-smart, and per discussions I had in the past with two of her bosses from past times (Bill Berg and Bobby Abrams, two of the former owners of MBC Precision Imaging), Casey is a terrific team player and a very hard worker.  When she puts her mind to getting something done, she can be very, very persuasive (great attribute for anyone in sales.)

Casey joined ACONEX – as an Account Executive – last month (May 2017).

Prior to that, she was….

1)    a Senior Global Solutions Executive with ARC – Feb 2016 to May 2017
2)    a Global Solutions Executive with ARC – May 2009 to Feb 2016
3)    a Vice President of Corporate Operations with MBCPI – Jan 2006 to May 2009 (ARC acquired MBCPI)

Casey held various other positions with MBCPI – Mar 1997 to Jan 2006, and Casey also served on the IRgA Board of Directors.

After being involved in the reprographics business and industry for 20 years, Casey’s now made the switch to ACONEX.

Best of luck and success to Casey!