Thursday, March 26, 2015

Innovating 3D Printing - a company has come up with a way to substantially speed up the process

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I received this, yesterday, from someone who regularly visits the Reprographics 101 Blog.  My main problem, all along, with 3D printing (and with 3D printers) is that the 3D printing process is EXCRUATINGLY slow.  Kind of like waiting for a turtle to finish a 100-yard dash.  (Pack a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner … x 3.)

Evidently, a company has come up with a way to substantially speed up the process. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.


An interesting article I saw from Design News with a new twist on 3D printing

Thursday, March 19, 2015

ONYX launches HP WallArt interface to simplify custom application

Onyx Graphics has announced that its ONYX® software can be directly integrated with the new HP WallArt application to provide seamless and efficient workflow for décor applications.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tree Towns Reprographics is now Tree Towns Imaging & Color Graphics

Well, another reprographer has updated its name!

“Welcome to Tree Towns!”

"Tree Towns has updated its name to better reflect the Professional Services we offer. Tree Towns continues to change and modify its services to match the needs of our customers. We have added new printers, precision digital cutting equipment and Color Management techniques to make your graphics look the very best. One service never changes..... Customer Service. That's the reason we have been privileged to serve the industry for over 58 years. Please consider Tree Towns for your next project, You won't be disappointed!”

Chuck Wingard
President & Owner

Link to Tree Town’s web-site:

Which Came First? The EGG Print or CAD Color?

There has been considerable discussion in and around the reprographics industry since HP, in early June last year, announced that it would be introducing its PageWide wide-format printing system in the 2nd half of 2015.

One part of that discussion pertains to whether or not HP PageWide wide-format will prove to be competitive with brands/models already on the market from OCE (ColorWave and PlotWave), KIP (b/w and color), Xerox (IJP2000 Memjet), and RTI Digital (Vortex 4200 Memjet).

Another part of that discussion pertains to whether or not A/E/C customers are actually interested in increasing the use of color in their sets of plans.

And, another part of that discussion pertains to this question, “will the introduction of higher-speed wide-format color printing devices have an effect on prices in the market for color CAD printing services?”

Those are all “big questions”, for sure.

This morning, I found a very interesting, well-written post on Cushing & Co’s blog.  Within that blog-post, you’ll find this quote:

“Whether we like it or not, based on global trends, the price for technical color print will come down. If you don’t respond by taking the lead, companies like HP & Canon will make it happen without you.”

I encourage you to read that post, and here’s the link to get there:

Blog Publisher’s additional comment:

I thoroughly enjoy my visits to Cushing & Co’s blog.  The posts on Cushing’s blog are always well-written, informative and provide info that services as “food for thought.”  After all, the people at Cushing & Co are awesome folks.  One of my all-time favorite guys was Jack Cushing, father of Cathie Cushing Duff and Joe Cushing.  Jack was an incredibly nice person and a very astute businessperson. I learned a lot from him, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know him.  One of my ex-partners, Gary Rowley, was the one who introduced me to Jack. That was in 1981.

ABC Imaging adds new Regional Director of Business Development

From a post, on Feb 19th, in the “news” section of

“ABC Imaging would like to extend a warm welcome to Steve List who just joined our team as the Regional Director of Business Development at our ABC Imaging location in New York, NY.

Steve is joining ABC Imaging with over 30 years of management and sales experience. Most recently, Steve was the Regional Manager of Named Accounts and Vertical Markets at Konica Minolta. In this position, Steve restructured the Suffolk County, NY sales team and worked to identify business opportunities and workable solutions to fit clients’ needs.

Prior to working at Konica Minolta, Steve was a Regional Manager of Major Accounts and Managed Print Services at Carr Business Systems where he gained experience building a sales force and creating the organizational backbone for the Production Print Group. Steve was also the Corporate Secretary and Executive Vice President at Arkin Medo, Inc. where he held full responsibility for the planning, administration, and direction of the company.

Steve is now refocusing his efforts with ABC Imaging, and will be able to utilize his skills and experience to strengthen ABC Imaging’s Business Development Department and increase ABC Imaging’s reach and exposure. We are excited to welcome Steve to ABC Imaging and are confident that he will make a positive addition to the Business Development team!”