Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Callprint announces appointment of new Managing Director, David Snaith, at Jupiter Visual Communications

Callprint is one of the three largest reprographics enterprises in the U.K.  Callprint is a partner in LinkDSG and a ReproMax partner.

Jupiter Visual Communications, a stand-alone operation, is owned by Callprint. 

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Begin-shipping-dates for HP PageWide XL Printers for countries outside of the United State

This comes from a post now up on the web-site of

HP has introduced a new portfolio of HP PageWide XL Printers, offering the fastest large-format production printing available in colour and black-and-white.

The new printers will enable reprographic houses, print service providers (PSPs), enterprise central reprographic departments (CRDs) and print corners to produce computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and will open new business opportunities with geographic information system (GIS) maps, point-of-sale applications and posters.


In the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates, the HP PageWide XL 8000 series Printers will be available beginning in September 2015. Other devices in the HP PageWide XL portfolio will be made incrementally available between November 2015 and January 2016.

PageWide XL products will be introduced in Italy and Spain at a later date, and specific country releases will follow.

Monday, April 13, 2015

HP PageWide wide-format – HP XL Portfolio – HP Webinar Presentation

In a previous post the other day, I mentioned that I was invited to attend the live production of the webinar presentation HP gave to introduce everyone to its HP PageWide XL systems portfolio.  The webinar was extremely interesting, chock full of information about the portfolio, about the upcoming launch, and about the significant resources HP is committing to the launch of the XL line.

For those of you who’ve not seen the webinar presentation, I asked a representative from PorterNovelli,  the PR firm supporting HP, for links to the webinar materials.  Here they are:

The link immediately below will take you to the page where you can access the webinar presentationabout HP PageWide wide-format - conducted by HP’s Ramon Pastor on April 9th.  When you access the first page, click on “watch now”, it will then ask you for your e-mail address, and, after you enter your e-mail address, the webinar will begin playing.  The webinar presentation was quite interesting!

The link immediately below will take you to a pdf file I’ve saved in by Google Drive library.  This pdf file contains the slides/pages that were presented during the webinar – about the HP PageWide wide-format line of XL systems - mentioned above.  Incredibly interesting stuff!:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

BlueVue - they offer document management for the construction space

Apparently, a relatively new player.

BlueVue’s VP of Marketing, Mike Compeau (who used to be with Franz Engineering Reproductions in Minneapolis) reached out to me, a few days ago, to introduce me to his firm’s (BlueVue’s) document management product(s) for the construction space.  Here’s some of the information that appears on BlueVue’s web-site:

Designed by construction professionals for secure, fast, reliable, consistent access to construction plans and their revisions. Designed for mid- and large-size construction companies with large plan sets in either a design+build or design/tender environment. 

BluVue Plans includes tools for PDF markup and annotation, and workflows to support RFI, centralized document and project management, teams and notifications.
Bringing Construction to the Cloud

BluVue Plans is a comprehensive single software solution for:
-PDF Markup
-Paperless Plans
-Document Management
-Request For Information (RFI)
-Use it during pre-construction (estimating), construction (paperless plans, markup, collaboration), and post-construction (as-builts and maintenance).

Link to their web-site:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Clarification necessary: I am not employed by HP

I’m at the IRgA/ERA Convention in Atlanta, and I’m at the convention because HP invited a couple of “press” people to the convention, and I’m one of those.  I am considered “press” because of the Reprographics 101 Blog.  HP paid my travel expenses and my convention registration fee.  (Thank you, HP, for doing that!)

When I was at the restaurant tonight, where convention participants were gathered for food, drink and lots of discussion, nine or 10 people came up to me to ask me if I had become an employee of HP.  The first time that happened, I asked that person where he got the idea that I was now employed by HP, and he pointed to my convention name badge, saying, “HP is below your name.”   I did not realize that until that was pointed out to me, since I did not bother to look at what was on my badge when I picked it up at registration.  So, an “aha” moment.

I am employed by Proactive Management Programs, LLC, which is my consulting practice, and, as most people know, I’m the Publisher of the Reprographics 101 Blog.

Although I very much appreciate HP paying my way to attend this year’s IRgA/ERA Convention, that does not create any sort of bias on my part, and I know that HP understands that.  As a blog-publisher I do my best to report the news – and to express my opinions - in an unbiased fashion.

Thank you,

Joel Salus