Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Memjet vs. HP (German Court Case) - HP Wins Lifting of Patent Infringement Preliminary Injunction

HP Inc. Wins Lifting of Patent Infringement Preliminary Injunction by MEMJET  

Feb. 3, 2016 – Today HP Inc. announced the favorable ruling to lift a patent infringement preliminary injunction by MEMJET. The ex parte preliminary injunction issued by the Regional Court in Munich affected HP Deutschland GmbH from sales of HP PageWide XL Series printers in Germany. In its ruling, the Court concluded the grounds for issuing the injunction were not satisfied, particularly as the HP PageWide XL products do not appear to infringe the asserted Memjet patent. Memjet may file an appeal of the decision.

“HP vigorously defends its intellectual property and is pleased with the court’s ruling in our favor,” said Thomas Valjak, Head of Large-Format Printing, EMEA, HP Inc. “We will now re-engage with our resellers and customers in Germany and offer HP’s PageWide XL printers and print heads that employ unique technology developed by HP over the last decades. HP’s PageWide XL products offer unique benefits in print speed, quality, reliability and usage cost.”

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Memjet vs. HP vs. Memjet - another brief update on court case

On January 18th, Memjet filed (with the court) its answer to HP’s counterclaim, and, within the answer, Memjet basically denied all of HP’s counterclaims.  In the answer document, Memjet requested a trial by jury.

If this case does go to a jury, I’m positive that jurors will have an “interesting time” trying to understand Memjet’s and HP’s claims and counterclaims and the differences between Memjet’s and HP’s patents.  I’d love to be on that jury!

Friday, January 22, 2016

More on the establishment of Copy General in Budapest Hungary

On January 12th, we put up this post about Copy General Europe’s beginning in Budapest, Hungary.

Today, January 22nd, Ed Avis posted an interview-article about the establishment of Copy General in Budapest.  For this article, he interviewed Dirck Holscher, one of the founders of Copy General Budapest.  Ed did a great job on this interview/article:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Recession looming???

In a recent e-mail I received from a financial analyst who follows the stock market, he said that rail-car shipments have trended down and that that trend has always been a leading indicator of an upcoming recession.

I also want to point you to this .....

Dr. Hussman calls recession:

“Since October, the economic evidence has shifted from supporting a growing risk of recession, to a guarded expectation of recession, to the present conclusion that a U.S. recession is not only a risk but an imminent likelihood….”

And, Dr. Hussman expects the S&P to fall at least 40-55% (from its recent peak):

“We’ll certainly welcome outcomes that better reflect our experience in other complete market cycles, but we won’t do touchdown dances if the market collapses. The likely distress as the current market cycle is completed is something I wish on nobody. The unfortunate reality is that someone will have to hold stocks over the completion of this cycle, and it would best be those who have either carefully evaluated and dismissed our concerns, or those who have appropriate risk tolerances and investment horizons to weather the likely 40-55% loss in the S&P 500 that would comprise a rather run-of-the-mill retreat from the 2015 valuation extremes.”

Read Dr. Hussman’s most recent complete market-commentary at this link: