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Thursday, March 1, 2018

BOX shares tumble (also included, info about BOX for the Construction Industry)

Why Shares of Box Inc. Tumbled Today (, NYSE: BOX)

What happened
Shares of enterprise cloud storage provider Box (NYSE:BOX) slumped on Thursday following a fourth-quarter report that mostly beat analyst estimates. The company's guidance, however, fell short of expectations, prompting a double-digit plunge in the stock price. The stock was down about 20% at 12:10 p.m. EST.

So what
Box reported fourth-quarter revenue of $136.7 million, up 24% year over year and in line with the average analyst estimate. Billings jumped 28% year over year to $204.6 million, while deferred revenue rose 33% to $320.9 million. Box's paying customer base reached 82,000 businesses in the fourth quarter.

Link to full article on Motley Fool:

About BOX for the Construction Industry:

Architecture, engineering and construction firms are using the cloud to improve mobile collaboration with clients, suppliers and agencies

Reduce onsite IT costs
Box for Construction gives architectural, engineering and construction firms a simple, secure way to plan, design and undertake projects. With Box, firms can intuitively share blueprints, photos and construction specs on any device, getting projects done on time and on budget

Better manage project bidding
Box streamlines the bid proposal process. Edit templates, share plans and specs and send secure links of request for proposals (RFPs) to ensure bids are submitted on time and with minimal effort.

Keep everyone on track
Provide architects, engineers and contractors visibility into project progress from any device. Upload, preview or comment on CAD/CAM files, BIM files and photos and send links to schedules and plans.

Improve job site productivity
Online or offline, Box simplifies coordination and troubleshooting for workers in the field. Snap photos and video of work sites or safety hazards and share securely using Box Capture.

Build mobile apps with cloud content
Create secure content lockers that improve collaboration between your firm and clients. Share designs and get client input in real-time.

"Any delay to the schedule is money. It used to take us 4 or 5 hours to get access to files with an FTP server in Sharepoint. With Box, it's seconds. Now all our construction teams are using Box on every project and it's changed the drive for us to do what we do, better and faster."
Vince Sarubbi, CIO and VP, Webcor Builders

ARC Document Solutions Reported Q4 2017 and Full-Year 2017 Results

Late Tuesday afternoon, Feb 27th, ARC released its results for Q4 2017 (and for the full year 2017.)

For Q4 2017, ARC reported:
Sales - $97.1 mil
Adjusted Net Income Attributable to ARC - $.9 mil
Adjusted EBITDA - $12.0 mil
ARC’s Gross Margin for Q4 2017 – 30.3%

For the same quarter last year (2016), ARC reported:
Sales - $98.6 mil
Adjusted Net Income Attributable to ARC - $2.6 mil
Adjusted EBITDA - $14.3 mil
ARC’s Gross Margin for Q4 2016 – 30.8%

Quick Snapshot of ARC’s Sales:

Annual Sales, year by year, most recent five years:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
$406.12 million
$407.19 million
$423.76 million
$428.67 million
$406.36 million
$394.6 million

Quarterly Sales, quarter by quarter, year 2016:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
1st quarter, 2016
$103.55 million
2nd quarter, 2016
$103.77 million
3rd quarter, 2016
$100.44 million
4th quarter, 2016
$ 98.6 million

Quarterly Sales, quarter by quarter, year 2017:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
1st quarter, 2017
$ 98.7 million
2nd quarter, 2017
$102.3 million
3rd quarter, 2017
$ 96.46 million
4th quarter, 2017
$ 97.1 million

At 11:30 am Pacific Time today (Thursday), ARC’s stock price was $2.12, yielding a Market Cap of $98.49 million.

Years ago, prior to going public, ARC purchased Ridgway’s for $100 million.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Xerox to Merge with Fuji Xerox - 10,000 jobs to be eliminated

I am a long-time fan of, and subscriber to, Larry Hunt’s Newsletters

(“Color Copy News”, “High Speed Copy News”, “Wide-Format News”)

In the intro section in one of the newsletters this month, this note was included:

“Editor’s note: This significant merger was announced as the newsletters went to press. There is a related story in this month’s High Speed News that details the efforts of two large Xerox investors to compel changes in Xerox management. It appears these efforts have had an effect.
I also noticed press reports stating that at least 10,000 jobs will be eliminated at the combined companies in the near future. It is not yet clear where these job losses are to occur, and whether they are the result of this merger or were already planned.
It will be interesting to see how this combination will develop.”

Blog-publisher’s comment:

Wow, 10,000 jobs being eliminated!  A sign of the times.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

ARC Document Solutions - Share Price $2.15 and Market Cap just under $100 mil

Today at 3:50 pm Eastern Time, just before the markets closed, ARC shares were trading at $2.15 per share.

At $2.15 per share, ARC’s “market cap” was reported to be $99.88 million.

ARC paid $100 million for Ridgway’s.

So, if you buy ARC at $2.15 per share, you’re getting the core ARC company (prior to its many, many acquisition), Ridgway’s and all of the other companies ARC acquired during its roll-up of the reprographics industry.