Friday, January 13, 2017

Request for Information regarding Computer Software System(s) for Quotes, Work-Orders, Invoicing/Billing and for Accounting (General Ledger, etc.)

I’m a bit out-of-date on this subject.  I am familiar with MV Software’s Profits-Plus for reprographers and with Thoroughbred’s Solutions for reprographers.

What software system is your company using to generate Quotes, Work-Orders and Invoices?

And, how’s that working for you (would you recommend it to other reprographers)?

What software system is your company using for General Ledger, A/P, Inventory, A/R, etc.

And, how’s that working for you (would you recommend it to other reprographers)?

Please send your replies to my e-mail address:

Thank you.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reprographer offering "same price" for A/E/C plan prints, black & white OR color

When I first heard that HP would be coming out with a “wide-format” system that would be really, really fast, handle high-volumes of output, and generate both black & white AND color prints at the same speed-of-output…. and that the cost to produce A/E/C prints, whether black & white or color would be close to the same cost, I predicted that some reprographers would, not long after HP PW XL systems began shipping, decide to offer b/w plan printing and color plan printing at the same price rate.

Here’s a printer (I’ll refer to them as a “reprographer”, since they do offer A/E/C print services) who advertises on its web-site that it offers b/w or color plan printing “at the same price”.  (There are exceptions, that’s the small print.)

“What Our New HP PageWide XL 5000 Can Do For You”

Link to the page on Replica’s web-site where Replica talks about prices:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jeanette Roberts, formerly with ARC Document Solutions, is now with Autodesk

Noticed on LinkedIn today that Jeanette is a “Named Accounts Executive – Federal Solutions” with Autodesk.  She joined Autodesk in November 2016.

Best wishes to Jeanette for success in her new position.

Prior to joining Autodesk, Jeanette had been with ARC Document Solutions since at least March 1996; i.e., OVER 20 years!

While with ARC, Jeanette held these positions:

 > Director of Facilities Management (Mar 1996-Mar 2006)
 > Global Solutions Executive (Mar 2006-Jul 2013)

 > Director of Global Services (Jul 2013-Nov 2016)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Russell Horn, Jr of Print-O-Stat passed away last year (E/A firm Buchart-Horn also mentioned in this blog-post)

My apologies, as what I’m going to mention, Russ Horn’s passing, happened early in 2016. 

Russell Horn, Jr., an outstanding person ….and a very nice guy, served for several years as President of Print-O-Stat.  He passed away on January 18th, 2016.

Print-O-Stat, a well-respected reprographics company with multiple locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia (10 locations total), was one of my competitors when I was in business in the Washington-Baltimore Common Market Area back in the 1980’s.

I met Russ a couple of times; once at an Eastern Reprographics Association convention and once at Print-O-Stat’s HQ’s office in York, PA.  The purpose of my visit to his office in York – was to express my company’s interest in purchasing Print-O-Stat.  (There was no interest on Russ’ part.) 

Most reprographers who know of Print-O-Stat are probably not aware that it is owned by PACE Resources, a company that also owns a fairly large E/A firm, Buchart-Horn.

“BH is a full-service engineering and architectural firm with 16 offices in 8 states and an international office in Frankfort, Germany. Our team of more than 200 members is proud of the work we provide for our clients and looks forward to working with you on your next project.”

I never asked Russ for the full story about the founding of Print-O-Stat.  I suspect that P-O-S began as the reprographics department of Buchart-Horn, but, after Russ’ father realized that reprographics was a real-live business, it was spun off into its own separate business (subsidiary)…..and it grew from that point into a strong regional player in the reprographics industry.


Article from the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal

York woman named to lead PACE Resources board
Silvia Dugan succeeds father, grandfather

By David O'Connor, April 14, 2016 at 1:13 PM

Silvia Dugan has been elected chairwoman of the board of directors for PACE Resources Inc. in York, succeeding her father and the former chairman of the board, Russell E. Horn Jr., who died Jan. 18.

A York resident, Dugan has been president and CEO of Print-O-Stat Inc., PACE’s subsidiary company, since 2003.

Dugan also is the granddaughter of Russell E. Horn Sr., who founded PACE Resources in 1970 as a holding company for its subsidiaries, including York-based engineering firm Buchart Horn Inc., which Horn also founded, in 1946.

Her “father and grandfather dedicated their careers to building this corporation,” Dugan said, and “I think it's important to maintain their legacy.”

Dugan began her Print-O-Stat career in the sales division in the Philadelphia region 38 years ago and went on to hold multiple positions in sales, operations and management, a news release on her new title said.

Today, Dugan serves on the board of Print-O-Stat and Buchart Horn, and is past president of the Eastern Regional Reprographic Association and past president of the Firepower Group, both printing industry organizations.

She “has always had the best interest of the organization at hand, and, now as chairman of the PACE board, she brings her passion and leadership experience in guiding the PACE organization into the future,” said Brian Funkhouser, president and CEO of Buchart Horn.

PACE provides accounting, financial services and human resources as well as legal and corporate communications to its subsidiary companies, Buchart Horn and Print-O-Stat.

Monday, January 9, 2017

HKS (Architects) Leverages Bluebeam Revu and Bluebeam Studio for IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) on the Banner Health MD Anderson Health Center Project

This stuff comes from a “Case Study” posted on Bluebeam’s web-site.  All reprographers should be interested in knowing about stuff like this!

"(The) Challenge:
In order to meet the Owner’s IPD goals, HKS needed to digitize and streamline the flow of information to all team members. In the past, the firm had used a combination of solutions to electronically share and review drawings. However, the project’s General Contractor, DPR Construction, suggested the team use Bluebeam Studio throughout design, bid and build. Studio is the online collaboration feature of Revu, a PDF-based markup and collaboration solution that enables users to review large format drawings, redline them with customizable markups, track feedback and collaborate on PDFs with others in real time. Since HKS had already been using Revu’s PDF markup capabilities on other projects for over a year, it made sense to use Studio to host document-based collaboration sessions to foster greater collaboration among the entire project team."

“Compared to solutions that HKS had used in the past for electronic communication, Revu proved to be much more efficient. “The combination of Revu and Bluebeam Studio helped HKS significantly improve the clarity and speed of project communication for the Banner Health MD Anderson Health Center Project, and reduce our printing and shipping costs,” added John Niziolek, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Vice President and Associate Principal at HKS. “We have already begun using Revu on other projects, and our clients are amazed at how quickly we can document items and send updates.””

You can read the full “case study” at this link: