Sunday, June 19, 2016

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers - select videos for your viewing pleasure

This is definitely exciting technology, the kind of technology that could easily end up motivating retired people to un-retire. 

Introducing the new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer at RAPID 2016
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HP Multi Jet Fusion technology powering the new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers
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HP Multi Jet Fusion™ Technology 3D Printed Chain lifts car off the ground
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Free: One Andrews-Knowlten two-sink diazo coating machine in excellent condition (location: Egypt)

Received from a blog-visitor who lives in Egypt!

“Dear Mr. Joel Salus,

My family owns a diazo coating factory in Egypt.  We are the second oldest in the country, founded in 1949.  As in so many parts of the world, the reprographic industry died in our country and we have not coated a "meter" of paper in over 8 years.

We have moved on and we are working in industrial chemicals.  However, our coating machine is taking up space in our factory and my desire to uninstall it has been with me for a very long time.  I just cannot push myself to make that final decision.

If we do remove it, we would sell it as scrap which is a complete shame.  It is a 1976 Andrews-Knowlten two sink coating machine.  It is in excellent condition.  I thought of donating it to a museum but, from your blog, I discovered that there aren't any museums for the reprographic industry.

The reason for my communicating with you is two-fold. First, is there any place which you know of that can take it and use it for any purpose? Second, can it be converted to any other type of coating/sensitizing or "useful" purpose? (I have not looked in this point, admittedly, but you may know of hand.)

I do not want any money for it.  Only the transportation/shipping should be the responsibility of the recipient.

I await your response at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards.
Maged Khalil”

Hey, if anyone out there has any advice for Maged, e-mail him at this address:

Monday, June 13, 2016

ROWE ColorPress - New wide-format color printer - fast, high-volume, toner-based

A brand new high-speed, high-volume, full-color, wide-format printer was introduced by Roth-Weber (ROWE) at Drupa.  Ed Avis of the IRgA did an article about this new printer.  This printer is a toner-based printer.  Certain to give HP and Memjet wide-format printers additional competition.  Unfortunately for HP, Memjet, OCE, Xerox, KIP and ROWE, these printers are targeted at two markets, one of which is in decline (A/E/C plans), the other of which has significant competition (display graphics color).  Like to see comparative pricing and costs for all of these newer wide-format printers.

Press release

ROWE ColorPress Series

High speed, UV resistant, water resistant and indelible – the reinvention of wide format printing

Niederdreisbach/Düsseldorf 31. Mai 2016 ....
The new ROWE ColorPress, a family of high speed wide format printers with the latest technologies, is being presented by ROWE at drupa. The completely new design immediately hits you in the eye: state-of-the-art, harmonious and extremely high-end, with illuminated logo displaying the status of the wide format printer in a completely user-friendly manner. The ColorPress Series has been designed by ROWE for high volume printing. All printouts are in a brilliant quality and even when using plain paper 100 percent indelible, UV resistant, as well as water resistant. Printing costs with the ROWE ColorPress Series are also unbeatably low. For example, the system doesn’t need special paper for high quality poster printouts and the print heads don’t need to be replaced. All printouts are completely dry – ideal for online folding. Many extensions are possible to the ROWE ColorPress family. As well as several MFP solutions, three newly developed online folding systems and a stacker, amongst other things, are available.

This large format printer doesn’t only support technically orientated CAD, GIS, AEC and manufacturing applications for engineers, architects, construction companies or public institutions, ROWE ColorPress is also ideally suited to implementation in graphics, reprography service providers, in-house printing services or for presentations. Customers wanting full color posters for outside use or POS profit from the printouts being non-fade and water resistant. Wave formation in large area printouts are a thing of the past thanks to the latest toner based LED printing technology. Both black and white and color printouts from the ROWE ColorPress are indelible in accordance with ISO 12757-2 even when using plain paper. This means the ROWE ColorPress meets all the requirements of this important standard without any limitations.

Different printing speeds, applicable to each volume – 2, 3, 4 or 6 automatic rolls and single sheet feed
The ColorPress Series has been designed for all print volumes. This is why ROWE offers several models with different printing speeds. The customer also selects between 2, 3, 4 or 6 automatic rolls, Rear or Front Delivery Tray. All printouts are – even when the whole surface is printed – dry and can be perfectly folded online. Reprography service providers and other users with large print volumes can in this way optimize their workflow. Additionally, they can profit from the high operational availability of this new large format printer as well as from low printing costs. The ROWE ColorPress is operated with intuitively comprehensible software whose functions can be scaled to meet the requirements of the user. Thanks to the controller developed by ROWE all ROWE ColorPress Systems can be linked seamlessly to any hard or software architecture.

ROWE ColorPress – ideal for online folding
The ColorPress is the first printing system developed for online folding without compromise and safely:
·  Output of complete sets DIN A0 – DIN A4 (ANSI E – ANSI A) possible. Printing of DIN A4 (ANSI A) formats within a drawing set is no problem either.
·  All printouts – also whole surface printing – 100 percent dry.
·  There is no need for special papers for poster printing followed by online folding. This means a significant reduction in printing costs.

Everything from one manufacturer – top reliability
The ROWE ColorPress can be extended at any time to a multi-functional print, scan and copy solution with finishing. For this ROWE offers several perfectly matched MFP solutions as well as the three new online folding systems VarioFold Compact, VarioFold Complete and VarioFold Premium. The decisive customer advantage: all modules in the complete solution have already been perfectly matched during their development by ROWE, including the distinctive state-of-the-art design. Easily recognizable in all VarioFold folding systems, the distinctive design of the ColorPress is continued 1:1. As a result of this both systems form a state-of-the-art, high value unit.

Market leader for compactness – unrivalled environmental friendliness
The ROWE ColorPress is the most compact high speed printing system on the market – a decisive advantage for small spaces. All ColorPress models can be extended to MFP solutions, also for configuration with 6 rolls. The three newly developed online folding systems also contribute to this absolute compactness. This enables wide format solutions, which can be easily integrated into the space available, providing the user with maximum flexibility.
The new ROWE ColorPress family doesn’t only exceed the requirements of the Energy Star, but is manufactured by ROWE in Germany in accordance with the highest environmental standards. Start of production in 2017.

About ROWE
ROWE is the specialist in wide format from Germany, represented in 90 countries. Systems for scanning, printing and finishing perfectly tuned to one another as well as comprehensive software solutions for professional document workflow are developed and manufactured by ROWE. This makes ROWE the specialist and technological leader worldwide.

ROWE Global Marketing
Juliane Gandert
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