Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ARC Document Solutions - Q2 2017 Results were released yesterday

Yesterday, ARC released its results for Q2 2017 (and for the first 6 months of 2017)

You can access a copy of the earnings release at (click on the Investor button at the bottom of ARC’s home page.)

You can access a copy of the written transcript of the earnings-call ARC held yesterday with a few analysts by visiting and by entering ARC’s trading symbol in the “box” on that page.

Quick Snapshot of ARC’s Sales:

Annual Sales, year by year, most recent five years:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
$406.12 million
$407.19 million
$423.76 million
$428.67 million
$406.36 million
2017 (year-to-date thru Q2)
$201.0 million

Quarterly Sales, quarter by quarter, year 2016:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
1st quarter, 2016
$103.55 million
2nd quarter, 2016
$103.77 million
3rd quarter, 2016
$100.44 million
4th quarter, 2016
$ 98.6 million

Quarterly Sales, quarter by quarter, year 2017:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
1st quarter, 2017
$ 98.7 million
2nd quarter, 2017
$102.3 million
3rd quarter, 2017
4th quarter, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Growing Southern California reprographics company looking to add experienced people to its team

A large, growing, multi-branch, reprographics company - with operations in Southern California - is looking for experienced people to join its team. 

Sales, Customer Service, Production and Operations...

For further information, contact Joel Salus, Publisher of the Reprographics 101 Blog, at

Monday, June 5, 2017

Casey (Hickman) Simpson has moved from ARC Document Solutions to ACONEX

To me, this is “major” news, considering Casey’s tenure in the reprographics industry and her most recent position with ARC.

Casey is one of my all-time-favorite people; she’s ultra-smart, and per discussions I had in the past with two of her bosses from past times (Bill Berg and Bobby Abrams, two of the former owners of MBC Precision Imaging), Casey is a terrific team player and a very hard worker.  When she puts her mind to getting something done, she can be very, very persuasive (great attribute for anyone in sales.)

Casey joined ACONEX – as an Account Executive – last month (May 2017).

Prior to that, she was….

1)    a Senior Global Solutions Executive with ARC – Feb 2016 to May 2017
2)    a Global Solutions Executive with ARC – May 2009 to Feb 2016
3)    a Vice President of Corporate Operations with MBCPI – Jan 2006 to May 2009 (ARC acquired MBCPI)

Casey held various other positions with MBCPI – Mar 1997 to Jan 2006, and Casey also served on the IRgA Board of Directors.

After being involved in the reprographics business and industry for 20 years, Casey’s now made the switch to ACONEX.

Best of luck and success to Casey!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Canon Europe confirms Océ Colorado 1640 as wide-format ‘breakthrough’ following FESPA

This is from (a UK-based web-site):

Canon Europe confirms Océ Colorado 1640 as wide-format ‘breakthrough’ following FESPA

Canon Europe, leader in imaging solutions, had a landmark FESPA 2017 exhibition (Hamburg, 8-12 May 2017), breaking new ground in high-end roll-to-roll print with the European launch of the new Océ Colorado 1640, and celebrating a decade of wide-format innovation with the tenth anniversary of the Océ Arizona series.

The new Océ Colorado 1640, built on Canon UVgel technology, proved to be one of the star digital innovations of the entire event, pulling in large crowds to hourly demonstrations, and attracting immediate orders from signage and graphics producers across Europe, Africa, North Africa and the Middle East.

While celebrating the 6000th Océ Arizona installation at Technipub in France, Canon Europe also achieved significant sales of the Océ Arizona series flatbed printers during FESPA, both from existing customers looking to scale up their production capabilities and from first-time investors in Canon flatbed solutions.

Mark Lawn, Director, Graphic & Communications Group Canon Europe comments: “This was always going to be a milestone FESPA for Canon, but we’ve been blown away by the market’s response to the Océ Colorado and how it cements Canon’s reputation for innovation in the wide-format sector. Mid-way through the show we had smashed every target we set ourselves, right across our portfolio. Just two months after launching Colorado, we now have 100 orders for the printer from customers in 17 countries, underlining the impact of its extraordinary mix of productivity, quality, media versatility and cost of ownership.”

He continues, “Signage and graphics producers come to FESPA looking for ways to expand their capabilities and differentiate their offering. This chimes 100% with our own philosophy of helping print service providers evolve and grow through new applications and by exploring new models to meet their customers’ needs. While the technology highlight of the show for us was undoubtedly the Océ Colorado launch, our bigger ambition at FESPA 2017 was to show PSPs how our whole technology portfolio, supported by our deep insight into the key trends shaping specialist sectors of the wide format market, enables them to access new revenue opportunities and drive their business forward.

“Bringing market insight, practical advice, technology innovation and examples of diverse print applications together, in our view, is the only way to truly demonstrate the myriad opportunities for PSPs to push into new application areas to support their growth. Feedback during the show suggests that our integrated beauty brand campaign, as well as the two new printed ‘Think’ guides – Think Personal and Think Décor – were extremely well received.”

In addition to record-breaking sales successes for Océ Colorado, Océ Arizona, Océ ProCut and imagePROGRAF, the DreamLabo production photo printer and the imagePRESS sheetfed digital production press also captured visitors’ imagination, with substantial order intake for both products, underlining the appetite among PSPs to capture new revenues by moving into alternative formats and products.

Océ Colorado 1640 wins EDP technology award
During FESPA 2017, the Océ Colorado 1640 won a prestigious technology award from the European Digital Press association (EDP) in the ‘Roll-to-roll Printers up to 170cm’ category. The judging Technical Committee commented: “All current technologies have their individual advantages but also their limitations. The Océ Colorado delivers productivity and excellent output quality on a broad range of media. It may be a game changer in the 1.6 metre segment, bringing more speed and prints at lower costs with a unique machine concept. It shows in which direction we possibly go it comes to more accurate inkjet printing.”