Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Contest to GUESS ARC'S Q1 2009 SALES REVENUES - no more entries!

Okay, no more entries permitted to the “Guess ARC’s Q1 2009 Sales” Contest!

Guesses at ARC’s Q1 2009 Sales ranged from a low of $119.4 million to a high of $159.5 million. That, readers, is a very large gap. (The guy who submitted the low number has to be smokin’ some REALLY good stuff! – I think he’s way off the mark.)

Just as a reminder, ARC’s Q1 2008 Sales were right around $187 million.

Okay, now I’m going to weigh-in with my guess …. at $157 million.

Thank you to all who entered the contest, and, good luck, ARC will be reporting its Q1 2009 Sales very shortly.

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