Saturday, June 6, 2009

Will anyone ever develop an A/E/C E-INK READER?

“A Kindle Rival for Business People” – this short article, authored by Brad Stone, appeared in the NY Times Technology section on Monday, June 1st. The article says that Plastic Logic, a 10 year old company founded by two Cambridge (MA) professors, is working on devices with E-INK reading screens on thin, flexible plastic displays. Apparently, their first “reader” product, which is about the same size as the new jumbo-size Kindle DX, will be on the market early in 2010. “Users can change pages with a flick of the finger.”

I sent Plastic Logic a letter suggesting that it would be nice if they developed an E-INK reader that had an image size of 18” x 24”. (That would allow one to “read” ½-size 36” x 48” CAD drawings, ½-size 30” x 42” CAD drawings and ½-size 24” x 36” CAD drawings.)

I doubt that we will see an A/E/C E-INK READER in my lifetime, but it is certainly fun to think about the possibilities!

In a different article on another day, there was an announcement that E-INK, the Massachusetts company that developed E-INK reader technology, has agreed to be sold to a Taiwanese-based technology company.

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