Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ARC Q4 2009 Results - www.PleaseActAccordingly.com hit both nails on the head !!!

Regarding the previous post .....

I just went to www.pleaseactaccordingly.com and saw that they, in a post on their site in late January, hit both nails right on the head. Amazing.

They estimated that ARC's Q42009 sales would come in at $111.7 million. And, that's what ARC's sales came in at.

They estimated that ARC's Q4 2009 EPS would come in at $.01 per share. And, that's what ARC's EPS came in at.

Congratulations, Brad! (But, I still don't think you are going to win your bet about the ABI Index getting over 50 in Q1 2010.)

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  1. Footnote: To your comment regarding the ABI going over 50, to Brad @ www.pleaseactaccordingly.com. You have to go back and seeing the ABI ranges/trends in past down turns; then factor in some unparalleled elements but......I don't think that between the residential and commercial malaise the ABI will see 50 until late Q4....I would like to be proven wrong but will wager on that.