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Service Point Norway has launched "AllPrinting" the greatest online store in Norway

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Well, someone help me with the math!  Below, it says that 48,000 visitors visited the “AllPrinting” web-site during the first two months it was in operation.  That’s an impressive number, for sure.  But, how many customers, who visited the web-site, actually placed orders?  If I multiply 85,000 Euros x 1.30, that comes out to around $110,000 USD.  If 48,000 visitors placed orders, and I divided $110,500 by 48,000, that would yield an average order value of $2.30 per order.  Or, if half of the visitors, say 24,000, placed orders, that would yield an average order value of $4.60 per order.  Is my math correct?  Am I missing something?

Here’s a link to the Spanish-language version of SP’s Press Release:

And, courtesy of Google Translate, here’s how that press release, according to Google Translate, translates into English.  (As always, keep in mind that Google Translate does not produce perfect translations!)

“Service Point Norway has launched "AllPrinting" the greatest online store in Norway”

The website is receiving over 24,000 visits per month

€ 85,000 billed in the first two months

The online offer is promoted in its 21 stores

Barcelona, May 27, 2013. - Service Point Norway, under the brand Allkopi Service Point, just launch their new online print shop ( The online store, which is directed to all kinds of audiences, can choose from more than 25,000 templates to customize greeting cards,
reminders and invitations for all occasions, color and high quality.

With lead times of 48 hours and 21 outlets to promote the website, this online store is important step forward to achieve diversification plan Service Point in new markets.

In its first two months of operation, the website has achieved a turnover of
€ 85,000.

"For us it is a pilot program," said Carl Peter Clampit, Chief Marketing Officer at Service Point Solutions. "We want to build our production base to enter new markets growth and that means developing our online channel. Instead of just competing with other companies online using Google Ads, we will leverage our stores to complement our online offer promoting a model of touch and feel, which is to touch and feel the products and services. "

Customers can see in the stores all the information online supply. It offers discounts, bonuses and can discuss their doubts, which makes buying online.

"Allprinting" to experience the vast possibilities of personalization of the cards. Thanks to the digital printing revolution, customers can participate in an interactive and unleash their creativity. The customer satisfaction they get when they use the online store is very high, thus the usability of the application as the printing quality and service.

So much so, that customers are receiving visits from the business. Increasingly, are printed restaurant menus, complimentary cards, event invitations and other commercial and marketing.

Service Point has also launched a website for professional printing in Germany ( for small and medium businesses, offering a quick online printing from your digital printing

Berlin, one of the most advanced production facilities in Europe and has become the third largest supplier of photo album of the continent.

"Although Service Point has been slow to launch its online service offering digital printing, we are recovering a lot of ground with very fast and effective development, "says Clampit. "We believe we are the
only company that can make an offer online services, with a portfolio of 44,000 customers, physical presence and shops 60 centers in Europe and a brand that is associated immediately print services to the largest companies in the world. "

For more information:
Luis G. Canomanuel
LUCA Corporate Communications
Tel: +34 91 435 December 17

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