Friday, November 13, 2015

Preparedness Pays / It’s Never Too Soon To Plan an Exit Strategy

Recently, a young person I know (who is not involved in the reprographics industry) asked me a simple question “what does the term ‘exit strategy’ mean?”  So, since I knew what that term meant and had previously been part of two different teams that had developed exit strategies, I provided as much explanation as I could…. and went on to explain “how you go about the process” of developing (and executing) an exit strategy.”

In the past, I’ve previously done at least a couple of (if not a few) articles on this blog about “exit strategy”.  Today, I found an article about someone, who is well known and well respected throughout the reprographics industry, who developed and executed an exit strategy years ago.

Everyone knows Ed Avis, former owner of Modern Reprographics and current Managing Director of the IRgA; here’s an article about the exit strategy he executed.

Title of the Article:  “Preparedness Pays / It’s Never Too Soon to Plan an Exit Strategy”

While I’m on the subject of Ed Avis, I’d like to say that he’s done a marvelous job resurrecting the IRgA from a near-death situation.  Doing the “simple math” (sponsor fees for Gold, Silver and Bronze IRgA sponsors), the IRgA’s “sponsor fees” are up to $32,000 annually, and the IRgA is also generating revenues from classified ads (on the IRgA web-site; hey, visit those ads from time to time!) and from IRgA membership fees.  Ed is doing a great job with news about the industry; developments in the industry, including technologies introduced, and happenings taking place at industry companies (reprographers and vendors.)

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