Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rich Ziober is no longer with ARC Document Solutions and is looking for a new opportunity

Per his profile on LinkedIn, Rick Ziober is currently seeking a new opportunity:

“Rich Ziober is a highly motivated, capable and driven Operations Manager with over 27 years of experience in Reprographics and Digital Printing. A person with a strong work ethic and values, loyal, honest and not afraid to get hands dirty or to learn new things. Currently seeking opportunities that will match up with his existing core values, beliefs, talents and goals. Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth market and very familiar with the area and businesses established there. If your company is currently looking for a person that can help achieve its goals, profits and mission, please review resume on LinkedIn and contact him at 817-908-7332 or

Rich previously worked with ARC Document Solutions (Sep 2008 to Jul 2016) and before that with Reprographics Fort Worth (Feb 1999 to Oct 2008)

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