Sunday, November 27, 2016

SURVEY RESULTS: A/E/C Plan Printing Survey and A/E/C Plan Printing Equipment Survey

Surveys completed; survey results and accompanying article (i.e, my comments about the survey results) are now up on the APDSP web-site (link to article on APDSP web-site):

Link to complete survey results – A/E/C Plan Printing Survey:

Link to complete survey results – A/E/C Plan Printing EQUIPMENT Survey:

To those Reprographers who took the time to do so, thank you for participating in our two recent surveys!

Just a couple of comments about the two surveys.  (Note: these comments could not be included in the comments I wrote-up for the survey-results article I wrote for the APDSP web-site, since these particular comments were viewed as “politically incorrect” for the APDSP web-site):

Politically incorrect comment #1:
Due to anti-trust concerns, associations (such as the APDSP) do not like to post articles on their web-sites or comments in their newsletters that speak to the issue of “pricing”.  Here’s a comment about pricing that was “deleted” from the comments that I wrote up for the article on APDSP:

As to pricing (same or different), “color” vs. “b/w”, only 5 respondents out of 53 reported that they are offering the same price for both color and b/w output (4 respondents said they are doing this, but only for certain specific customers.) I expect that to rise in the future…..  (I base this expectation on what I’ve been told about the “cost” difference on an HP PageWide XL, “color output cost” vs. “b/w output cost”….. not a significant difference in cost, so I’ve been told.)  12 out of 52 respondents said they think some of their competitors will flat-rate pricing (same for color and b/w) in the future, and another 17 respondents (out of 52) said they think that is possibly coming.

As to those who do charge different prices for color vs. b/w plan printing, the “premium” for color appears to be all over the place.  34 out of 49 (so, a substantial majority of) respondents are charging a premium of 200% or more.  The rule I expect Reprographers are following, pricing-wise, is to get as much as you can for as long as you can.  Why would you not?!!”

Politically incorrect comment #2:
As one who conducts surveys from time to time, I must admit that it is rather frustrating when a large number of firms do not participate in the surveys.  A comment about that:

“91% of respondents indicated that they offer an Internet-based planroom service.  Based on the responses to “which planroom do you use”, it is apparent that ReproConnect is the clear leader, at least for those who participated in the survey.  [Note:  it is always possible that ReproMax and RSA members decided to completely boycott our survey.  I did reach out to the head dudes at each enterprise (Rick B and Kevin H) to ask them to point their members to the two surveys I posted; based on the fact that not a single respondent indicated the use of DFS (ReproMax’s planroom), the only reasonable takeway, I think, is that not a single ReproMax member participated in our surveys.  Inasmuch as I was one of the original founders of ReproMax (then called ReproCAD), some might think that a boycott would PMO. Not.]”

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