Thursday, November 2, 2017

ARC Document Solutions - Q3 2017 Results - Transcript of Earnings Call

Yesterday, ARC reported its Q3 2017 results (results for 3 months and 9 months ended September 30, 2017)

And, today, ARC’s stock plunged from yesterday’s closing price of $4.44 per share to today’s closing price of $3.48 per share, a plunge of 21.62%.  [During the day, ARC’s stock price plunged as low as $3.01 per share (per Google Finance’s reported intraday trading range), but it quickly rebounded from that low point, ending up at $3.48 at close.]  (This morning, while I was standing in line at Starbucks, I watched ARC’s stock at the open of trading and saw it fall about 24% within three minutes of the market open. Ouch!)

Yesterday afternoon, after ARC released its Q3 2017 results, ARC’s management team held an earnings call; apparently, only one stock analyst participated in the earnings call.

To read the TRANSCRIPT of the earnings call (to read what Suri, Dilo and Jorge said and to read ARC’s responses to the questions asked by the one analyst who asked questions, visit, enter ARC in the search window and that will bring up the earnings-call-transcript, which you can the either read on-line or download as a pdf.

One note about what was said (and not said) in the earnings call (per the transcript); although one of ARC’s management team members did talk about ARC’s “technology solutions”, there was not one specific mention of ARC’s “Skysite” technology/product.  My hunch is that the one participating analyst did not know enough about ARC’s technology solutions to ask questions about “Skysite.”

Finally, one of my long-time reprographics industry friends said to me today, “they should take the company private.”  I would not be at all surprised to see that happen down the road.


My heart goes out to the ARC team members who were horribly affected by the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida, especially to those in Texas who lost their homes.

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