Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ISQFT acquires certain assets of Plan Express

On September 22, 2009, ISQFT announced that it had acquired "certain assets" of Plan Express.

The full text of that release can be found at this internet address:

My comments about this deal:

During the summer, I heard that ISQFT was "looking at" Plan Express. Rumors were abound that Plan Express had been hit very hard by the recession the design/development/construction industry has been experiencing and that Plan Express' printing business was well off where it had been prior to the recession.

Personally, I have no clue as to what the "certain assets" were that ISQFT acquired. Prior to the deal, Plan Express was not only a provider of document management services and logistics (distribution) services, it was also heavily involved in PRINTING plans and specs. Prior to the acquisition of Plan Express, it is my understanding that ISQFT was not in the printing business, at least not directly, but that ISQFT was heavily involved in providing document management services, primarily to the GC community. As to printing, it is my understanding of ISQFT's business model that printing, when required, was pushed out to independent reprographers who are part of ISQFT's print-partner network.

In reading the press release, it "sounds to me like" ISQFT did not acquire Plan Express' "printing" assets. But, I really don't know whether that is the case, or is not the case. If one of you do know, please e-mail me at, since I would like to know if ISQFT's decision to acquire Plan Express was made, in part, because ISQFT decided to add printing services (via the former Plan Express printing operations) to its arsenal of direct services.

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