Monday, August 2, 2010

PBSJ Corp acquired by WS Atkins

Well, there we go!

In a post I did on July 25th about Stantec's acquisition of Wilson Miller, I said this .......

....." But, one also has to wonder if this deal (and deals like this one that have previously happened with Florida-based engineering firms) will influence some of Florida's other "independent" engineering firms (I am speaking about those who are based in Florida) to consider selling to, or merging with, very large firms like Stantec. Will PBSJ go that route, eventually? Will RS&H and King Engineering go that route, eventually?" ...........

Today, WS Atkins, the largest engineering design consultancy firm in the U.K., announced the acquisition of PBSJ Corp, the largest Florida-based engineering firm.

Congratulations to all of the PBSJ Corp shareholder-employees on PBSJ Corp's deal with Atkins.

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