Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Mid-Year Survey for Reprographers

Reprographers, please kindly take the time to participate in the Mid-Year Survey Reprographics 101 is conducting! 

The cut-off date for participation is July 15th.

Survey results are absolutely meaningless unless there’s widespread participation.  If there isn’t substantive participation, it is highly likely that I won’t bother to publish the results.

Participation-confidentiality is assured.  We are using Survey Monkey to conduct this survey, and the information gathered by Survey Monkey does not, in any way, shed light on who actually participates in the Survey.

What reason could you possibly have for not participating in this Survey?
Are you not interested in comparing (benchmarking) your results with the results of others in the industry?  Are you not interested in comparing your opinions with the opinions of others in the industry?  Are you unaware that information about trends could have an effect on your company’s strategic plan and on your exit strategy?

As the IRgA has, twice by now, stated, the Survey Reprographics 101 is conducting is not sanctioned by the IRgA and not being held in conjunction with the IRgA.  Does anyone, other then the IRgA Board, really give a rat’s ass that this Survey is not sanctioned by the IRgA?

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