Thursday, July 18, 2013

Memjet-powered, wide-format Xerox IJT 2000 Printer – Follow-up on Operating Costs

Last month, Ed Avis, Managing Director of the IRgA, conducted an interview of the two gents who are responsible for the launch of this new wide-format printer from Xerox.  In that interview, the gents from Xerox provided an explanation (an estimate) of “operating costs.”  (Reprographics 101 also put up two or three posts about this new equipment from Xerox.)

This was my follow-up question to the guys at Xerox about operating costs: (Numbers below do not include the cost of print-media, the cost of the equipment, nor the cost of labor required to operate the equipment.)
Operating Cost at 8.5% coverage area?
In the interview it says that the operating cost, including ink, print-heads and service, will be around $.20 per sq ft at 85% coverage. If all I wanted to produce on the printer is typical A/E drawing plan sets (CAD color printing) and if my expected average coverage was 8.5%, what would the per-sq-ft operating cost be for that?
Joel Salus
This was Xerox’s reply to that follow-up question:
Operating costs
With 8.5% area coverage and printing at 53,820 square feet per month the estimated operating cost is around $0.05 per square foot (this includes print heads, ink, waste container and service). This is a guideline. Your actual results will vary based on area coverage, job run length and average monthly square footage volume.
Geoffrey Rummel, Xerox Wide Format Manager

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