Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reprographics 101 2013 Mid-Year Survey of Reprographers – SURVEY RESULTS

About the survey results:

The survey consisted of 29 questions.  When you open the survey-results file, you will first see (pages 1-15) the compiled responses to each question.  But, go beyond page 15, for some of the questions asked for text (or numerical) responses, and those responses (text responses or numerical responses) begin on page 16.

Very light turnout, only 22 companies participated in the survey.  Quite disappointing, and I almost decided not to bother publishing the survey results. 

Was the lack of participation due to reprographer-apathy?  Was it due to this survey not being “sanctioned” by the IRgA?  Do reprographers not really care to see what’s going on, trend-wise, vis a vis their peers?  Or, perhaps RSA and ReproMAX have been conducting their own surveys.  (If they haven’t been doing that, that’s stupid.) Since 2008 (2009 for some), the industry has experienced a severe downturn in revenues, especially revenues related to printed plans and specs.  Many are still struggling to find ways to replace lost revenues; many don’t feel that plan and spec printing revenues will ever recover to what they formerly were.   However, that said, most reprographers remain optimistic about the future …. and that, for sure, is a good thing.

I’d like to thank those companies who did participate in the survey. 

At this point, it is highly unlikely that I’ll bother to do any more surveys in the future.  Likely that I’ll leave that to the IRgA.

If you would like to receive the survey-results file, please send a “request” to

Joel Salus, Publisher
Reprographics 101 Blog

The survey-results file is copyrighted.

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