Thursday, August 8, 2013

Service Point Solutions reports financial results for Q2 2013 (and 1st Half 2013)

Service Point Solutions (the Spain-based public company) filed its 1st half 2013 financial-results reports with the Spanish (Bolsa) stock exchange, the other day, and, while Sales revenues *plunged on a year-over-year basis and Service Point posted a “net loss” for the first six months of 2013, Service Point’s EBITDA and EBIT improved, quite a bit, over last year, so a good sign that Service Point’s belt-tightening (cost-reduction) program is working.  I still think that Service Point is going to be very hard-pressed to achieve revenues of at least 200 million Euros for the full year 2013. (*Note that some of the plunge in revenues, year over year, resulted from SP pulling out of France.)

I’ve posted, in my Google Docs library, SPS’ Press Release about its first half 2013 financial results; this report is in Spanish.  Here’s the link to that version of the report (and, you can download the pdf file if you want to.)

If you want to translate that report into English, go to Google Translate, drag the Spanish-language pdf file into the window, and select “Spanish to English” translation.

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