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UPDATE:  As of this afternoon (May 1st), I've not received even a single guess.  And that's in spite of the fact that this post has had 258 page-views since it was first posted.  As a further hint, the company's (see contest question below) market-cap, as of this minute is in between $32.0 and $33.0 BIL.  If you know how to use Google Finance's 'stock screener' feature, you will come up with the correct answer in less than 5 minutes.

This is the “new normal” way to become a billionaire???

I’ve been writing, off an on, about Textura Corp (NYSE: TXTR) since before it went public last year.  Textura, a company operating in the A/E/C Industry SaaS space, has yet to report a profit, but, in spite of that, had, at one point last year, a market cap of over $1 billion.  More recently (after a scathing report from Citron Research), TXTR has come closer to earth, recently trading in the low $20.00 range (after hitting a high of $45.63 last October 1st.)  Note that at $20.00 per share, TXTR has a market cap of $496 million.  To put that market cap into proper perspective, TXTR’s revenues were $12 million for the quarter ended 12/31/13.  Uh huh, that’s correct, a company that achieved $12 mil in sales for a quarter is valued at around $496 mil.  Hmmmm.  Well, in recent years, it’s been fairly common for tech-related companies to go public without any earnings and without any near-term prospects of earnings.  On a message board today (Yahoo Finance, TXTR), someone suggested that TXTR is following another company’s footsteps – to achieving significant market cap.  Apparently, in this game - building market cap in the SaaS space - the more you lose, the more you’re worth.

Now, as to the CONTEST, the first person who e-mails me the name of the company whose numbers appear below wins a $100.00 check for his/her favorite charity.  (Disclaimer:  Ben Stein and I graduated from the same high school.)

To which company do these interesting numbers belong?

E-mail your answer to

-the company is listed on NYSE
-the company is in the SaaS business
-some reprographers use this company's SaaS product

In Millions of USD
year-end year-end year-end year-end
1/31/14 1/31/13 1/31/12 1/31/11
Revenue  $4,071.00  $3,050.20  $2,266.54  $1,657.14
Operating Income  $(286.07)  $(110.71)  $(35.09)  $97.50
price per share
at end of fiscal year  $60.53  $43.03  $29.20  $32.28
Market Cap (prox) $36.9 BIL $24.3 BIL $15.8 BIL $17.6 BIL

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