Sunday, June 22, 2014

“Heard on the Street” about HP PageWide technology wide-format printer(s)

I received this via e-mail, yesterday, from someone who attended the HP “Channel Partner” meeting in San Diego, which meeting was held a day or two after the “Premiere Event” I attended.

“In regards to the HP….... I was in San Diego week before this past week attending HP's channel partner meeting.  They unveiled the PageWide machine.  Unbelievable.  It will turn reprographics upside down.  It will turn point of sale poster printing up side down.  This thing was literally printing 25-30 D size per minute full color.  The engineer there, not sure if he was pulling our leg, said that it could actually go twice as fast as that.  The issue is designing a sturdy enough frame and the mechanisms capable of letting the paper pass through the machine faster.  The machine we looked at...and they would NOT let us video or take pictures ... would hold 6 - 650' rolls of media.  The plan is to have three units (2 roll, 4 roll, and 6 roll).  There will be an integrated scanner as well.  I'm telling you HP did it right.  OH.... by the way .... it works, unlike MemJet.  One final thing, HP is going to severely limit who sells these units.  From what I was told _________ will be their primary national reseller, and ______ will be one as well.”

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