Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heads up! Patrick Crean, CEO of the Paragon Group, interviewed by Ed Avis of the IRgA!

In what may prove to be one of the most interesting posts to go up on the IRgA web-site this year, Ed Avis, Managing Director of the IRgA, will soon be publishing an interview he conducted with Patrick Crean. 

If you are a frequent visitor of the Reprographics 101 Blog, you must be aware by now that the Paragon Group, a company never before involved in the A/E/C reprographics space, has acquired, or now controls, most of the business units formerly operated by Service Point Solutions, SA.  Inasmuch as a good slug of SPS’ business came/comes from A/E/C reprographics, these acquisitions, of course, have vaulted the Paragon Group into the world of reprographics … and in a major way.

Visit the IRgA web-site frequently; I’m told that the interview of Patrick Crean will appear either tomorrow or the next day.

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