Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paragon Group Acquires Holmbergs

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Although the note on Holmbergs’ web-site says, “Holmbergs gets new owners”, I think it should have said this, Holmbergs gets new owners, again.

Holmbergs, one of Sweden’s largest reprographics/digital printing companies was previously acquired by Service Point Solutions, on April 30th, 2011.  This time around, the acquirer is Paragon Group, the same enterprise that recently acquired Service Point UK.  After Service Point Solutions acquired Holmbergs, Jimmie Holmbergs joined SPS’ Board of Directors and, later on, for a brief period of time, served as Managing Director of Service Point Solutions.

This morning, one of our blog-visitors (who asked to remain anonymous) alerted me to the announcement, on Holmbergs’ web-site, about Paragon Group’s acquisition of Holmbergs.  For those of you who are fluent in Swedish, here’s the Swedish-language (and “official”) version of the announcement:

And, for those of you who aren’t fluent in Swedish, here’s an English-language “Google-Translate” translated version of the announcement.  Please keep in mind that Google-Translate translations are not perfect (and, in many cases, read a bit weird.)

Holmberg's gets new owners

Then on Thursday, May 1 included Holmbergs of the international group Paragon Group. Paragon is a large group headquartered in the UK and units across Europe including offers document management, marketing services and smart ticketing.

Paragon has approximately 1400 employees and sales, including recent acquisitions, 200 eur / year. One sees Scandinavia as an attractive growth market and would therefore like to establish themselves in this region.

Paragon has in recent years made ​​significant investments across Europe to broaden their offerings and their production solutions for the graphics industry to thus be able to serve its customers better. Holmberg will add new production areas including book on demand and large format. Holmberg's going to be an important part of future development.

We at Holmbergs are very positive about our new owners. With Paragon, we can offer a wider range of services and together we will have better opportunity to service new and existing customers in the international market. That means no changes in the daily operation and we look forward to continued good cooperation with both customers and suppliers.

Any questions can be directed to Fredriksborg, 040-660 66 16

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