Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We salute our country’s veterans

...... For all they gave, and continue to give, for our great country.

In particular, I’d like to honor, and salute:

Former 1st Lt. Arthur Salus (deceased 1976).
During WWII, my father was a Navigator in a Heavy Bomber Group of the 15th Air Force (304th Bomb Wing, 454th Bomb Group, 737th Bomb Squadron.) Based in southern Italy, Dad and his crew completed 35 bombing missions over eastern and central Europe from 1944 to 1945.  Prior to volunteering for service, and after being discharged when WWII ended, my dad was a Pharmacist.  Dad never talked about his time in the Army Air Corps, it was something he kept inside.  I do know that many of his fellow servicemen did not return home; they were either KIA or shot down and spent time as POW’s.

Former Master Sgt Gerson (Gus) Nadell (deceased 2007).
During WWII, my father in law was the head NCO at the 303rd Bomb Group Headquarters, which was based in England, somewhere outside of London.  The 303rd Bomb Group was part of the 8th Air Force, which flew heavy bomber missions over western Europe.  Gus, my mentor for the first 11 years of my career in the reprographics business, was a recipient of two bronze stars.

During my life in the reprographics business, I became friends with two people whose fathers served in Italy in the 15th Air Force in Italy during WWII.  Pat Brumfield, the CEO of Lellyett & Rogers (Nashville, TN) and Woodie Rush, PlanExpress (Memphis, TN); their fathers were also in Heavy Bomber units.

To those of you who served in our country’s armed forces and to those of you whose grandfathers, fathers, uncles (and wives, moms and grandmothers) served our country, we thank you, and them, for your service to our country.

Visit theconcertforvalor.com and give and/or volunteer.

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