Sunday, November 30, 2014

What are reprographers thinking about HP PageWide wide-format printing technology?

In early June 2014, HP announced its PageWide wide-format printers, indicating that this new generation of wide-format printers would not be released until the second half of 2015.  So, over a year away from the announcement date! 

(During the month of June, I put up several posts about HP’s Page-Wide wide-format printers.  You can easily find those posts, if you want to look back at what those posts said.)

When I wrote about the (over one year) gap-in-time between the announcement date and the release, I speculated that many reprographers would, for the next year, hold off on orders for wide-format equipment – hold off on ordering OCE, KIP, Canon, Xerox, Ricoh (and other brands of) wide-format equipment – not wanting to invest in wide-format equipment that may, essentially, become obsolete because of HP’s PageWide wide-format technology.  In particular, that reprographers would hold off on orders for black-and-white-only wide-format printers and KIP color wide-format printers.

At the time HP announced its PageWide wide-format technology, HP essentially claimed that its technical document PageWide wide-format printers , which, per HP’s claims, will print b&w and color technical documents for the same cost, will be far faster than anything else on the market and that the cost of operating its printers would be equal to or less than the operating costs of non-HP black-and-white-only and color wide-format printers.

Well, it’s been six months since HP announced its PageWide wide-format technology.

What are reprographers thinking?

How about taking the brief, confidential survey I’ve just posted on-line?

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  1. Hi Eric,

    If I get a sufficient number of responses, I will publish the survey results. (If not, I won't bother to.)

    So far, only 9 people have taken the survey. Over 200 people have viewed the post about the survey, but, as I just said, only 9, so far, have taken it.