Thursday, January 15, 2015

Current Issue of AECBytes Magazine released today - includes article about Digital Signing in AEC

Today, AECBytes released its latest newsletter.  One of the interesting articles in this issue AECBytes newsletter was this one:

(Here’s just the beginning of the article):

Digital Signing in AEC
Movies, medical images, telephony and more have gone digital— but the human signature primarily remains a hand-scrawled vestige of our paper-based past. Even as the AEC industry works to add efficiency and security with digital workflows, the process of applying signatures, seals, and stamps remains paper-bound. Printing a page each time a signature is needed, then converting back to a digital file to send it, clearly is inefficient and impractical for many large- scale documents.
Fortunately, digital signatures have become the virtual equivalent of wet ink signatures, legally as well as in practice.

Later on in the article, this heading appears (and it is followed by a lengthy discussion):

Why Go Paperless?

The business benefits to moving away from paper-based workflows are compelling.
You can access the AECBytes newsletter, and you can, if you want, download a free copy of the newsletter (in the form of a pdf file) by visiting this web-page:

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