Thursday, January 15, 2015

Great time to go on vacation (or on business) to Western and Central / Eastern Europe!

The incredible decline in value of European currencies (against the US Dollar) has made it very, very attractive to visit Europe.  Your dollars will go a long way, much further than was the case when the dollar was not as strong against Europe’s currencies.

Take, for example, these exchange rates (which I took screenshots of today on Google Finance):

The Euro
1 EUR = $1.1653 USD

The Czech Republic Koruna
1 CZK = $0.0418 USD

The Hungarian Forint
1 HUF = $0.0036 USD

Prague and Budapest are fabulous cities to visit, and, now, with the Koruna and Forint very, very weak against the dollar, Hotels, Train tickets, Restaurants are, and shopping is, basically, “on-sale” for people who have dollars.  You can also get great deals on condo’s, if you’re adventurous enough to consider buying real estate in a European country.

For reprographers who want to turn their trip expenses into a tax-deductible expense, I’d be happy to introduce you to my reprographer friends in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Switzerland.

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