Monday, September 7, 2015

Did you know that Max Scher Blueprints participated in the Pentagon construction project?

A bit of a walk down memory lane for older guys/gals in our industry.  The info below comes from an e-mail I received from John Scher Zeller, former owner of Rowley-Scher Reprographics…..

“When MS (Max Scher Blueprints) merged with RBPS (Rowley’s Blueprint Service), we moved from 909 12th Street to 1216 K Street (Washington, DC). Max (Scher, John’s grandfather) had bought that building for $15,000 in 1939 because he had outgrown his previous rented space at 710 14th St. He had outgrown the space and needed more because of the massive construction project called the Pentagon. There was a blueprint plant on site (at the Pentagon) that only operated during the day. Three BP (blueprint) companies were contracted to do overflow work at night. MSBP (Max Scher Blueprints) was one of them. The original night owl service - take that GPR!!” (GPR refers to Gary Rowley; after merging with MSBP, RBSP began a regular “night-owl” – two shift – operation.  Not long after that merger took place, RBSP, which later changed its name to Rowley-Scher Reprographics, became the dominant force in the reprographics industry in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.)

“So, when we moved from 909 12th Street, I found the attached two work orders stuck against the wall behind a big desk. They are from 1940 and in perfect condition. Note - no Zip code and Phone numbers with 2 letters and 4 digits! Something down memory lane to brighten things up a little!!!”

Link to Work Orders from the 1940’s.  Museum quality condition!:

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