Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In Memoriam - Bryan Dyer

This is to let the Reprographics Industry know that Bryan Dyer, former owner of Lellyett & Rogers (based in Nashville, TN), passed away this afternoon, after a long battle against cancer. 

Our condolences to Bryan’s wife, Velda, and to the rest of the Dyer family.  And, our thoughts are with the family and with Bryan’s former associates at L&R.

Bryan was inducted into the Reprographics 101 Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame last year.  He was one of the smartest, sharpest, most savvy guys to ever grace our industry.

UPDATE ON JAN 13th, 2017 to share with my blog-visitors the NOTE I sent to Brian when he retired from L&R in late 2008:


Congratulations on your retirement!

Because you are such a humble person, most people in the reprographics industry still don’t know, and quite possibly will never know, that you, as chief “architect” of L&R’s A/E/C reprographics business, managed to create one of the most successful business models ever developed in our industry, if not the most successful business model ever developed in our industry.  Quite obviously, it takes a person of superior intellect to pull that off, and that, Bryan, is what you are, a brilliant guy.  I’ve often described you this way to other people, “Bryan Dyer is scary-smart.”

However, rarely, if ever, do businesses succeed purely because of the efforts of one smart person.  Some wise person once said, “if you want to succeed in business, find smart people to join your team, and then let them do their thing.”  And, you did just that.  L&R’s team is the most outstanding team I’ve met in my 38 years in the reprographics industry - - - the team you assembled and empowered is nothing short of amazing; the L&R team is certainly a testament to your leadership!

Bryan, I will never forget the moment [when we were meeting with one of your customers in Knoxville (he was in management with BWSC’s office in Nashville and he came to Knoxville to listen to your presentation to BWSC’s Knoxville office)] when your customer, a financially-astute older gentleman, made a comment along these lines, “our printing expenses are higher because of L&R, but our bottom line improved dramatically, and we’re sure that one of the reasons for that stemmed from staff productivity increases made possible by the L&R FM/OnSite program we use.”  Seldom do reprographers hear that kind of comment from customers.  Your team’s development work, implementation and follow-through, made “service”, not “price”, the prime issue for L&R customers.  If the IRGA gave out OSCARS, L&R would have a full trophy case.

I had the privilege of working with you and your team for a brief period of time, and I thank you for giving me that opportunity, thank you for allowing me to share my opinions with you, and thank you for the wonderful debates we had.  Last but not least, thank you for being my friend.

Bryan, congratulations on your retirement.  I hope your retirement years will be filled with lots of fun times, great health and much happiness.

Joel Salus

December 2008

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