Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Russell Genest, former VP of Sales for NRI, is now “The Connector” at 1550a - Building Digital Revolution

At 1550a, Russell ("The Connector") joins Rich Nitzsche (“The Scientist”) and Darren Rizza (“The Visionary”).

Not sure what all that means, but, congratulations to Russell on his new gig.

Here’s what they say about their company:

We are visionary, strategic, and digitally informed thought leaders, leaning on a combined six decades of business technology leadership in professional services within the building design and construction industry.

Our expertise and experience guide building industry owners - building owners, design firm owners, construction firm owners - on their ongoing growth and success based in an evolving digital strategy for their processes of design, delivery, operations, and management.

Darren Rizza was formerly with several different A/E firms, including Bergmeyer Associates, Payette Associates, Swanke Hayden Connell, SOM, AutoDesk, and Cubellis

Rich Nitzsche was formerly with several different A/E (and construction related) firms, including SOM, ESD,  AECOM, Perkins & Will, and LTC.

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