Thursday, October 20, 2016

AEC OnLine Store – sells iPlanTables

This company has an interesting business model.  I recall reading on the APDSP web-site that one reprographer, in an effort to branch out beyond reprographics services, added a line of construction-site safety equipment, this to tap into the reprographer’s already well-established relationships with firms in the construction community.  The AEC Online Store does not appear to be in the reprographics business, but it does offer an extensive line of stuff for construction firms, even Kevin Rowe’s iPlanTables stuff is offered on their web-site.  The company also offers software for A/E/C document management, a product called FASTTAC.

About AEC | Online Store
The AEC Online Store was founded in 2007 to provide small and medium sized firms the ability to make convenient purchases for safety equipment and corporate apparel at a very reasonable price.  Most firms unless they are of a significant size have very limited leverage to negotiate lower prices for the products they use most of the time.  Our goal is to provide good value and excellent customer service all of the time. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide graphic design and extremely high quality embroidering and silk screening for all your branded needs.

One of the features that distinguishes us from the competition is our ability to create a custom departments that organize the products that you use most of the time.  See "Company Stores" in the navigation bar on the top of this page.  Once your products are created it is very simple for you or your staff to make repeat purchases that support the branding of your organization.  Convenience alone will save you significant time and money.  There is no fuss or extra work for either of us and we will always guarantee the products that we sell.

Finally, the management of the AEC Online Store has extensive experience having worked for large general contractors and architectural firms over almost four decades.  These are seasoned professionals who understand your needs.

We hope you enjoy shopping in the AEC Online Store.
AEC Online Store
101 Brilliant Avenue, Suite 200
Pittsburgh PA 15215

iPlanTables - Touchscreen enabled workcenter for true collaboration
Ever tried to find space to roll out a hard copy of a blueprint on your desk? It’s damn near impossible. And then to talk through the design with others, you have to either call them into your office to all stands around together and look at the document, or attempt sending a smaller, grainy version through email. It’s just not efficient.

The iplan Table is just a perfect solution for sharing, viewing and sharing wide-format documents. Gone are those days of scrolling, panning and zooming on old fashioned traditional computer monitors. The iplan Table is interactive with a 55” touch screen monitor with numerous files and features such as webcam, BIM files and 3D graphics.

iPlan Tables offers a professionalized approach to estimating, viewing, archiving and collaborating critical project information.

FASTTAC is a software system and service which shares, organizes, stores and archives building information. The information consists of all published drawings, documents and models, supervisory notes, comments and annotations, subject matter expert instructions, comments and advice, and labors' observations and reports. This information is gathered, updated and appended from early design, through construction, while commissioning and during facility operations. FASTTAC's advantage is its simple user interface…as simple as using an ATM.  FASTTAC is the only collaboration software that works on both a PC and iPad.  To learn more about how to implement FASTTAC to improve productivity, reduce your printing costs and manage risk please click on the link below:
Visit to learn more.

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