Saturday, October 15, 2016

Newforma Cloud Services to integrate with PlanGrid, Box and Dropbox (and possibly others)

Below is a portion of an article entitled, “AEC Technology Updates, 2016-Part 2”, that appears in “AEC Bytes Magazine”, 3rd Quarter 2016 issue:

“After this spate of new products, primarily coming from acquisitions, Newforma has returned to its flagship NPC application with a new release announced a few weeks ago. The most significant enhancement of the new version is that it is cloud-enabled through the integration of an extension called Newforma Cloud Services, which allows the project information managed through NPC to be stored on the cloud and/or on-premise, providing more flexibility to distributed project teams for collaboration. Newforma also announced today a new Connector tool that will integrate Newforma Cloud Services with PlanGrid, Box and Dropbox, as well as other popular applications used by architects, engineers and constructor workers. Thus, NPC customers now have the option to keep their project information on-premise, in the cloud, or in dual locations. Also, the project files are automatically synchronized across all locations and applications to ensure that project teams always have access to the most current data in the office, on the jobsite, and on mobile devices. As with any collaboration application, the new cloud-based functionality includes version control, elimination of duplication, controlled access, and automatic logs to capture the audit trail of the project files.”
“Given that the “cloud” is the order of the day, this expansion of NPC to include cloud services was only to be expected. In fact, over time, we should expect to see more and more of our traditional desktop applications “cloud-ified.””

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