Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ARC Document Solutions - Majority of Analysts covering ARC stock are projecting that ARC shares will rise to $7.00 IN THE SHORT TERM?

For those of you who follow ARC’s stock price….a brief note about ARC shares appeared, earlier today, on the web-site of (web-site is devoted to “stock and business” news), and here’s what the note said:

“Brokerage firms currently have a positive stance on shares of ARC Document Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:ARC). The majority of analysts covering the equity have either a Buy or Strong Buy recommendation on the stock, yielding a consensus score of 1.00. Those same analysts are projecting that the stock will reach $7.00 on a short-term basis.

ARC Document Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:ARC)’s shares may have a significant upside to the consensus target of 7.00, but how has it been performing relative to the market?  The stock’s price is 4.75 and their relative strength index (RSI) stands at 50.08.  RSI is a technical oscillator that shows price strength by comparing upward and downward movements.  It indicates oversold and overbought price levels for a stock.  

ARC Document Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:ARC) shares are moving 1.71% trading at $4.75 today.”

Blog Publisher’s comments:

I’ve always found it interesting to see what brokerage firms say about the direction of a company’s stock price and to see the stock-price “targets” they set.  Generally speaking, they are right 50% of the time and wrong 50% of the time.

If they are right this time …. that ARC’s stock price will rise to $7.00 “in the short-term”……then now is a great time to buy ARC stock.  ARC stock closed today at $4.44, off $.23 from the previous day’s closing price.

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