Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Inktronics - mentioned on APDSP - founded by Andy Chiodo

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On APDSP Today (formerly IRgA Today), the APDSP, on Feb 16th, 2017, posted a welcome to Resolution Reprographics, a Canadian reprographics company, who had just joined as a member of APDSP.  In that post, I noticed that Resolution Reprographics is an authorized dealer for Inktronics, and, not having heard about Inktronics before (at least I can’t recall having done a previous post about Inktronics), I visited Inktronic’s web-site, today, to read-up on what Inktronics offers.

The first thing I noticed was that Inktronics was founded by Andy Chiodo.  That brings instant credibility to Inktronics, at least it does in my mind, for Andy Chiodo is a long-time, very-well-respected person within the reprographics industry in the North America’s.  Years ago, Andy was the founder of Entire Imaging, a large-well respected reprographer based in the Toronto, Canada market area.  Entire was one of two firms in North America (Lellyett & Rogers, based on Nashville, TN being the other firm) who acquired multiple, very-high-speed, high-volume Indigo XLT (wide-format) digital printers back in the early 1990’s…. this was before OCE introduced its revolutionary OCE 9800.  In other words, Andy and Entire were on the leading edge of the revolution that brought about the demise of the diazo printing business.  Years later, Andy sold Entire to IKON, at the time that IKON was buying anything that moved.  It’s my understanding that Andy, at some point, may have re-purchased (or restarted) Entire and later sold it, again, this time to Reprodux.  (Reprodux is a major, multi-location player in the Toronto Metro Area market.)

Inktronic’s History (small portion of what appears on their web-site):

ITI, was founded in 2011 by Andy Chiodo who, at the time, was President of Entire Imaging Solutions Inc., a print and reprographics company he founded in 1968.

Entire provides print and reprographic services that meet the needs of their primary customers in the architectural, engineering, construction (AEC), and utilities industries. Through his close work with his clients and his growing awareness of advancements in mobile computing, it became apparent to Andy that a new, breakthrough solution was needed to address issues related to working with, archiving, and sharing paper-based information for collaborative work. Complexity in the AEC industry had reached an all-time high and the demands for accountability and compliance were greater than ever. While there was need for a solution, companies were less than eager to adopt complicated and expensive technologies.

The Inktronic Solution (from their web-site):

Get online collaboration, workflow, and a dynamic markup solution in one. Instantly share project information between all project members and sub-trades. Work the way you want while remaining connected to a central project portal. Access and markup drawings using the tools you want. Capture and merge markups from any device seamlessly. Eliminate scanning, maintains version control, and benefit from customizable workflow for distribution, review, and approval processes. With Inktronic, the possibilities are endless.

You can read more about Inktronic at the company’s web-site:

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