Wednesday, April 26, 2017

HP PageWide XL Case Study (RPG scores nice deal)

Blog Publisher’s comments:

I received this HP “Case Study” via e-mail this morning.
Quite impressive that an HP dealer, RPG (formerly known as Reprographic Products Group), based in the Washington, DC area, is the HP dealer who got this deal done, as Atlantic Constructors is based in Richmond, VA. Congrats to Mark Kadanoff and his team members at RPG.

Case study 

Atlantic Constructors produces sharp, large-format prints in an instant

HP PageWide XL 5000 Multifunction Printers enable fast, reliable color printing, saving $40k per year

Link to Case Study pdf file:


  1. I sure get the impression that this blog is a kiss-up to ARC. You have something to say each month about this Monopolizing company. Are you on their payroll?

  2. Well, hello Gordon! As to what you said, I don't know where you got that impression. If you took the time to read back through this blog - from the beginning, then forward - you would see that I don't "favor" (or kiss-up-to) ANY company. I do post ARC's financial results (when I have time to do that), but that's only because ARC is the only company in our industry that reports its results. If other companies in our industry reported their numbers publicly, I'd publish their results on this blog (along with my comments.)