Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ARC Document Solutions Q1 2017 Financial Results (NYSE: ARC)

Yesterday afternoon, ARC released its Q1 2017 Financial Results

EPS of $0.04 misses by $-0.01 | Revenue of $98.7M (- 4.7% Y/Y) misses by $-1.59M
Link to Press Release on ARC’s Q1 2017 Financial Results:
Each quarter, right after ARC releases its results, ARC conducts an “earnings call”, during which ARC’s top management team members provide verbal comments about ARC’s results.  After the earnings calls are completed, a written transcript of what was said (what was presented, questions asked by analysts, and responses to those questions) is published on
This morning, I read through the earnings call transcript …..
A couple of Dilo’s comments:
“Our CDIM customers are busy and that's obviously good news. The number of projects in the design and construction stage are increasing and the more our customers do, the great opportunity to sell across our portfolio of products and services.”
“We continue to see a reduction in printed documents of all kinds.”
“Paper is still in use but no longer the medium of choice on most large construction projects.”
Here’s a link to the full earnings call transcript:
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Quick Snapshot of ARC’s Sales:

Annual Sales, year by year, most recent five years:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
$406.12 million
$407.19 million
$423.76 million
$428.67 million
$406.36 million
2017 (year-to-date – Q1 only)
$ 98.7 million

Quarterly Sales, quarter by quarter, year 2016:
Calendar Year
Total Sales
1st quarter, 2016
$103.55 million
2nd quarter, 2016
$103.77 million
3rd quarter, 2016
$100.44 million
4th quarter, 2016
$ 98.6 million

Quarterly Sales, quarter by quarter, year 2017:

Calendar Year
Total Sales
1st quarter, 2017
$ 98.7 million
2nd quarter, 2017
3rd quarter, 2017
4th quarter, 2017

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