Monday, March 15, 2010

Former ReproMax executive has moved over to American Reprographics

Well, I just noticed that Tanner Bechtel, formerly a member of the management team of ReproMAX, has left ReproMax* and joined the American Reprographics team.

I don't know Tanner all that well and I don't particularly like to comment about people coming and going, changing companies, teams, etc, other than to mention that a change happened. I've met Tanner a couple of times in the past - and have read some of the articles on his blog - and I do know that friends within ReproMax spoke highly of him.

What I noticed, just today, was that at the very bottom of Tanner's web-site, it mentions this:
Tanner Bechtel, CSI CDT, serves as a Global Solutions Executive for American Reprographics Corporation (NYSE: ARP)

As a Global Solutions Executive with ARC, that means he's on the same team with one of my ex-NGI partners (Martha Korman Zumwalt)

Good luck and best wishes to you Tanner.

(* and, this probably happened months ago, but don't ever expect me to be swiftly up to date on personnel changes)

UPDATE: Well, apparently (based on input from someone who would know), Tanner changed horses around 6 months ago.

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