Sunday, March 14, 2010

Further to the January ABI Index ....

In the post just previous to this one, I mentioned a press release about the "January 2010" ABI Index.

The press release that I previously mentioned was not the "full" article that Kermit Baker (Chief Economist of the AIA) wrote.

The "full" article that Kermit wrote can be found at this Internet address:

Although the article is full of "bad news" for the current outlook in the Architecture Industry (and, therefore, for the Construction Industry), I encourage all of my colleagues in the Reprographics Industry to read the entire article that Kermit wrote. To not do that would be tantamount to burying your head in the sand. Also, keep following articles about the A/E/C Industry, because there will be, at some point, a turn in the other direction (and, what I really mean is a turn "up"); if you track what's going on, you will be ready for the turn up, even before it begins to affect your cash register.

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