Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rant about school systems in the U.S.

During the NBC Nightly News, last night, they compared the U.S. school system to Finland's school system; Finland's school system ranks #1 in the world; the U.S. school system ranks #17 (or was it even lower than that?) Finland's teachers come from the top 10% of Finland's college graduates; teachers in the U.S come from the bottom 1/3rd of college graduates. Shows that we in the U.S. don't place as much value on education as we should. Sad commentary on education in the U.S. And, why do we recognize "tenure" in the teaching profession? In what other "industry" are jobs basically guaranteed, no matter whether someone is really good or horrible?


  1. In addition the High School drop out rate in Finland is basically ZERO and parental involvment very high. I did not hear the number of days in the Finish school year but might guess it is higher than the 160 days in the US.

  2. ...needless to say Joel, if this applied to other would be well tenured....