Friday, October 1, 2010

OCE Results

OCE just issued a press release covering its most recent results.

I'm only going to put a portion of the press release in today's blog-post; the portion that pertains to OCE's WFPS (wide-format-printing-systems) results; here's what OCE said about that:

Wide Format Printing Systems (WFPS)
Compared to the third quarter of 2009 the WFPS revenues recovered, mainly driven by revenue development of Technical Document Systems in the US and Asia. Non-recurring revenues recovered while
recurring revenues were lagging behind due to volume and price decline.

Revenues in WFPS amounted to € 180 million. Organically, revenues were in line with the prior year. The share of color increased to 50% (2009: 45%), mainly as a result of the newly-introduced Océ ColorWave 300 and Océ CS2400 color systems for the technical documentation market.


Joel's comment: apparently, OCE's WFPS business has bottomed-out and is now set for improved performance. From my perspective, the combination of OCE and Canon was a brilliant move (for Canon's shareholders). It will take some time to see how OCE and Canon "integrate" their wide-format products and sales efforts. And, I have to wonder what effect, if any, HP's new WFPS products will have on OCE and KIP.

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