Monday, October 25, 2010

Article about Suri, ARC's CEO, in San Francisco Business Times

A few days ago, one of my industry friends told me that ARC's CEO, Suri, was interviewed by the San Francisco Business Times and that the article about that interview appeared in the SFBT on October 18, 2010

Title of the article:
Kumarakulasingam ‘Suri’ Suriyakumar, chairman, president and CEO of American Reprographics Co.

And, you can access the article at this internet-address:
(note: you have to scroll down on the first page to click on "access the full article")

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Joel's comment about the article:

Only one. In the article, the interviewer evidently asked Suri, "who is your most respected competitor?" His reply: "Probably HP or Canon. "But (and, I think he must have said, "because" rather than "but"), in our industry, we don't have one because most of (our competitors) are small."

Well, ARC only has one competitor that is "quasi-national", that one being ABC Imaging. I'm sure that Medi Falsafi, CEO of ABC Imaging, would find Suri's comment amusing. I'm fairly certain that Bryan Thomas (of Thomas Repro) and Doug Magid (of NRI), CEO's of two of the reprographics industry's larger players, would also find Suri's comment amusing. I'm certain that the CEO's of HP and Canon would find Suri's comment amusing!

All in all, Suri is one of the nicest, smartest guys in the reprographics industry; nice to see him getting some press! That kind of press adds credibility not just to ARC, but to the entire reprographics industry.

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