Sunday, September 29, 2013

How the PDF will accelerate the paperless jobsite movement – article authored by Kyle Hughes, Project Engineer, Skanska USA

Here’s the beginning of Kyle’s article about the project that’s now underway:
August 7, 2013
As a Senior Project Engineer at Skanska, not only do I manage information related to my projects, I also share experiences and help project teams develop new digital processes to streamline and improve communication. We are constantly running towards the goal of working smarter, faster and more efficiently, and like many other general contractors nationwide, we are working towards going paperless. To do that, we are using PDFs and tablets more and more.
Here’s some more of the article:
With support from Bluebeam Software, developers of PDF markup and collaboration solutions for the AEC industry, Skanska has formed a coalition of general contractors throughout the country around the banner of “All PDFs Created Equal Campaign.”
On August 1, in its first meeting, coalition members Balfour Beatty Construction, BNBuilders, DPR Construction, Hoffman Construction Company, McCarthy Building Companies, Mortenson Construction, Stiles Corporation and Turner Construction Company met in Los Angeles to discuss the first phase of this project: determining the PDF qualities that GCs need so that we can more efficiently communicate and collaborate on digital documents. From drawing size to file size, vector content to layer density and more, we outlined and explained why certain aspects of PDF file creation are crucial for effective use in the field.

To read the full article Kyle authored, click on this link:

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