Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marathon Reprographics vs. Rowe, IPlanTables, et al

My guess is that the only “winners” in this case will be the attorneys who represent the Plaintiff and the attorneys who represent the various different defendants named in Marathon’s case.  As is usually the case in most civil lawsuits!

Based on a bit of research I did today on Pacer.gov, the government-operated web-site where anyone can search for information about – and documents pertaining to - lawsuits filed in Federal courts, so far…

-Marathon filed a lawsuit against Rowe, IplanTables, and other named defendants.

-Whiting Turner filed a motion that the lawsuit against Whiting Turner be dismissed.

-Kevin Rowe (et al) filed an “answer” to the lawsuit and filed a counter-claim (counter lawsuit) against Marathon.

I’ve read some of the documents, and, if I decide to post the documents in my Google Docs library, I’ll update this post with a link to the documents.  Some of what’s in the documents makes for interesting reading!  If you want to read the documents before I get around to posting them in my Google Docs library, go to Pacer.gov and register for your own account.

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