Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NAPL 2013 State of the Industry Report Finds Dramatic Disparity in Companies' Sales Performance

From an article up today on myprintresource.com…..

Data from 300+ companies reveals a striking swing over last year as sales rise 21% for top fifth of survey group and fall nearly 15% for bottom fifth.

Blog publisher’s comments:

Some might say that the reason why larger printing companies have experienced sales growth, this year over last year, (as compared to smaller companies who’ve experienced sales declines, this year over last year) is due to larger companies taking advantage of, and/or implementing, advanced printing and workflow technologies.  I don’t agree with that, at all.  I say the reason is due mostly to larger companies slashing prices in an effort to maintain or grow their top lines, slashing prices regardless of the impact on their bottom lines.  I would think it would be obvious to all that printing sales, on an overall industry basis, are not growing; they are either stagnant or declining, due to a decline in demand for “prints on paper.”  Further, I’m not all that excited about the 21% rise in sales the top fifth experienced.  Las Vegas home prices have risen approximately 25% this year vs. last year.  But, they had fallen, from peak to trough, by 50-60%.  If you bought a home in Vegas in late 2005 or early 2006 (at the peak) and paid $500,000 for that home, by 2011-12 the value of your home dropped to around $200,000-$250,000.  And, so, if the value of your home increased 25%, 2013 vs. 2012, then your home is now worth around $250-$310k. Still way, way, way below $500,000.  Not much to celebrate about.  Demand for homes will increase over time, simply due to population growth.  Demand for prints on paper will continue to fall over time, simply due to digitization

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