Friday, December 6, 2013

Memjet-enabled Wide-Format Printer – Have you acquired one?

I think most are aware, by now, that four different manufacturers are offering Memjet-enabled wide-format printers:

Oce CW 900
Xerox IJP 2000
Vortex 4200
Excelagraphix 4200

Have you acquired one of these printers?

And, if so….

Which printer did you acquire?

What price did you pay?

Did you order your unit with a folder?  And, if so, which folder is your unit equipped with?

What service/maintenance program did you get, and what was your cost for the service program you got?

What’s your experience, so far, with the operating cost
-       cost per sq ft for producing A/E drawings in color?
-       cost per sq ft for producing A/E drawings in black & white?

So far, how has the equipment performed?  (Good, bad or ugly?)

1 comment:

  1. Are there any OCE memjet units placed ?
    I asked my OCE rep for pricing and all I am hearing is crickets ........ Joel raises a very important question,
    I hope we get some comments.