Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blackrock now owns more than 5% of ARC Document Solutions

According to a Form 13G filing with the SEC on January 17, 2014, Blackrock, Inc. owns approximately 5.6% of the outstanding common stock of ARC Document Solutions.  The 13G was signed by Mr. Chris Leavy, Chief Investment Officer of Blackrock, Inc.

From the “about us” on Blackrock’s web-site; “As the world’s largest asset manager, we help individuals and institutions from all over the world build better financial futures.”

According to information furnished by MSN.com (finance), these other investment outfits own more than 5% of ARC’s outstanding shares:  Capital World Investors, Pzena Investment Management, and Stadium Capital Management.  And Ariel Investments’ percentage holdings are just under 5%.  A mutual fund’s interest (American Funds Small Cap World Fund) is approximately 5.77%


  1. I think anyone putting money in a Reprographics company would be crazy paper documents are coming to a close and technology will make this company obsolete

  2. I had to laugh when I saw the above comment come into my blog's "comment in-box."

    The investment company analysts and mutual fund analysts (who work for the companies that hold shares in ARC) are pretty smart people; they are well aware of trends affecting the repro world and the print world. Technology developments (digitization) are definitely going to negatively affect "hard-copy printing" over time, but I seriously doubt that either industry - the print industry or the repro industry - will become obsolete in my lifetime. And, I'm "only" 66.