Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ian Fleming

This post has nothing to do with the reprographics business and industry.

For those of you who are James Bond fans, please note that BBC America (an off-shoot, affiliate of BBC UK) is soon going to be launching a new TV series called “Fleming”.

Although everyone knows that Ian Fleming created the James Bond character and wrote a bunch of awesome James Bond novels, many people are unaware that Fleming was a member of MI-6 (the UK’s equivalent of the OSS/CIA) during WW2.  This new series from BBC America is about Fleming’s life before and during his time in Mi-6 during WW2.

Check your local cable listings for the BBC America channel in your area.

In London, 1938, Ian Fleming is a dissolute playboy, eclipsed by his dead war hero father and successful brother.
While propping up the bar at a jazz club, he meets Ann O’Neill, an alluring socialite. Unlike many of his conquests, Ann is more than a match for him. She already has a husband and a lover, Esmond Rothermere.
Fleming finds solace in the arms of a beautiful dispatch rider named Muriel. Following a frosty morning-after encounter with Muriel, Fleming’s domineering mother secures him a job assisting Naval Intelligence’s Admiral John Godfrey. He quickly incurs Godfrey’s wrath when he cooks up an unorthodox scheme to get information from two captured German submariners. However, Fleming’s valuable findings make it apparent that an imaginative approach could be just what the war effort requires.

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