Wednesday, October 15, 2014

National / Azon announces end of diazo blue line paper production

As one of my long-time industry friends put it, “the end of an era”.

I kind of wonder who’s been ordering diazo paper, anyway.

Here’s the announcement from National / Azon:

Diazo Coating came to an abrupt halt  recently at our coating facility in Detroit. 

Our remaining R&K Coater was unable to operate unless major repairs were undertaken.

The time to make these custom repairs and the associated costs combined with diminishing Sales brought about our decision to cease coating blue line.

We bid a nostalgic farewell to a product and a process that served our industry well.

Quantities are limited and are “while quantities last”.

Please contact your salesman if you have any questions.

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  1. I recall a comment made by an old acquaintance in the Repro industry maybe 15-20 years ago. He said that the equipment making blueline paper was so old, you couldn't tell where the floor ended and the machine began.